mellel 2.8 makeover

Mellel is a word processor for Mac OS X which handles multi-lingual texts rather more effectively than most of the available alternatives. The latest version, 2.8, was released a few days ago. That update includes a powerful new “track changes” option. However, Mellel is in need of a cosmetic makeover, its brushed aluminium appearance and buttons are very much showing their age.

It is possible to go some way towards addressing this issue. My attempt has resulted in this:

To achieve this, download this file, unzip it, and copy the resultant directory’s contents into the Resources of the Mellel application (right-click on Mellel, choose Show Package Contents, then go into Contents, Resources). The images in the ZIPped folder should overwrite the Mellel versions and, next time you launch Mellel, you get the updated appearance!

As always, make a copy of the Mellel app before you mess with the Package Contents!

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